Possible problems when your baby is premature (2)

Possible problems when your baby is premature

Having a baby that is born before it’s fully developed is a worry for all expectant moms.

Anything before 37 weeks is considered premature because although they are usually born around 40 weeks, they are fully developed by 37.

When the baby is premature there can be some difficulties both immediately after the both and further down the line.

Give these a read so that you are aware of any problems that can occur if your baby is early.

Possible problems when your baby is premature (3)Possible difficulties when baby is born premature

– Hypothermia is quite common in babies born prematurely, which is one of the reasons why they are placed in incubators immediately after they are born.

– Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is probably the most common condition with babies born early and it’s basically down to the fact that their lungs are not fully developed.

Many babies will have a ventilator to help them breath for a while if they suffer from RDS and it is not a long-term problem for the majority.

– General infections are more likely with your baby if he/she is born prematurely, which is why they are kept under watchful eye until their health improves.

– Jaundice is more likely with premature babies, this basically means that their skin turns yellow due to a chemical build up in the blood.

This is easily treatable however by the little one being put underneath a special light until the condition disappears.

– In some rare cases, premature babies can suffer from a severe brain haemorrhage which can have life debilitating consequences.

Things to keep in mind

– If your baby has been born very early, you have to be prepared for them to stay in hospital for a while – sometimes months.Possible problems when your baby is premature (1)

The doctors need to make sure that they are healthy before they are released into your care.

– Almost all premature babies will experience SOME developmental issues during their early years such as not walking/talking quite when they should.

This is normal and in the majority of cases, it balances itself out before it becomes a huge issue.

– A premature birth is just one of those things so please don’t blame yourself for any problems that your baby might have developed due to beiing born early.


When the baby is premature it isn’t always plain sailing but it’s much better to be aware of difficulties along the way than not know what is in store.

The good thing is that so many developments in the world of medicine have been made in recent years so with the right care, it’s likely that your little one will grow to be happy and healthy.