Archery Target Buyers Guide


It is very complicated to get a correct target for the type of arrows and bows one uses. There exist different types of targets; each target is designed to be used with an individual bow set up. This Archery Target buyers guide will help you find the information you require to get the best archery target.

Factors to Consider

Bag TargetswsSAfrgtyw4hyC

Filled bags are the primary and standard archery targets. Anyone who has owned a compound bow must have practiced using a bag target. The large surface area of bags is what makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The target can hold through thousands of hits and withstands repeated use. It is very easy to remove an arrow when it hit the target.

Unlike the hay bales, bag target cannot ruin the fletching on the arrows. This saves the user on replacement cost. It is recommendable that the bag target is used indoors. Its heavy weight makes it awkward to carry around. As long as the bolts have field point, a user can use any bow set up

Foam Blocks Target

Blocks are easily portable, durable and safe for use with light bows; it can be used outdoors. While shooting, the users’ angle should be a key factor to consider, the angle used can increase block target life. Experts recommend that the blocks be placed in a manner that foam layer lies vertically; this helps a user guide the arrow between instead of across the layer. It is very easy to set the foam block target whether outside or inside. It is also good to consider draw weight and other issues which may cause difficulties as a user try to remove an arrow.

3D Practice Guide

A user who is practicing to start hunting using a compound bow should consider using a 3D target. 3D training is an effective way and fun for the beginners as well as experienced hunters who are getting ready for a hunting season.

SddcvqdfvwavrxsThe 3D practice guide has essential organs which are clearly marked outside; this makes it for the user to know where to aim while in the field. It also gives a clear indication of where the arrow is likely to hit on a particular stance. It also assists one to know point system being used in competitive shooting.

Archery Target buyers guide is an excellent tool to use. Buy what fits your needs and levels. Whether you are practicing to improve levels of accuracy for the next season or a tournament, then there is a target which is designed for you and the type of shooting. Foam filled target can help a user become an expert archer. Besides, you can read the full archery target buyer’s guide and see the models featured there. Choose well; look at pros and cons to meet your requirements.