Top Features To Look For In Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

There are so many in backpack leaf blowers in the market ranging from the battery-powered ones through to corded electric, to gas powered. As such, you need to ensure that you only pick the model that will serve the intended purpose. You should consider looking at backpack leaf blower reviews before buying one. This will provide you with an unbiased view of various leaf blower options in the market.

Features to look for in backpack leaf blower reviews


Having an in backpack leaf blower means you may have to deal with even more noise in your ears due to the proximity. A good back backpack leaf blower should make minimal noise. Some communities restrict gas blowers due to their noise while some communities do now allow leaf blowers at particular times. Since you will be handling the leaf blower in closely, noisy leaf blowers can be deafening coming from a backpack.

Categorization by type

Selecting the appropriate in backpack leaf blower will depend on your budget, terrain and how powerful a machine you need. The best electric in backpack blowers will loosen and sweep away leaves just as well as their gas-powered counterparts, at less cost. Both types will eliminate much of the hard work of scooping pout debris and raking up of fallen leaves. A good review analyzes the blower type according to how they fulfill your needs.

Leaf Blower Features

Some backpack leaf-blower features enhance safety while some add to your convenience. Here are a few considerations worth looking at.

Easy to reach shut-off switch

Having the blower on your back means you need to switch it off quickly in case anything goes wrong with the gas or electricity.

Translucent fuel tank

A good in backpack blower needs to have a reservoir that makes it easy to tell of the fuel is running low.

Air intake mounted on the bottom

With the backpack on your back, you need a blower with bottom mounted air intake, as it is less likely to tug at your clothes than if it were on the sides.


Since you will be carrying the blower on your back, having an in backpack blower that is heavier than 30 pounds can be very tiring. Decent in backpack blower reviews should list out the weights of the blowers, and their suitability for various tasks. Moreover, this feature is critical for users that have back problems or those that have large yards that require blowing for a significant amount of time.


The more positive reviews a blower is a good indicator of its quality and effectiveness. Complaints or honest experiences are the most important elements in any leaf blower reviews. A good review needs to highlight the views of users with positive experiences and those that have found the product difficult to use. In some instances, what several users experience may be similar to the circumstances of a prospective buyer making those experiences treasured in making pre-purchase decisions.